Dani Posdărăscu

After I finished high-school at ICHB, I started my first year of college at Politehnica University of Bucharest. After an interesting year of Physics and Chemistry (for the record, I am a programmer), i decided to study Computer Science abroad in UK at Imperial College London. I sought seriousness and perfection, a place where i can reach new heights. (Censored) , I got bored after an year, so I came back at University of Bucharest (still trying computer science). 

Dreams, yes, a lots of them! Maybe my fourth university year will be Law, or Medicine, or even UNATC.  In my free time, i participate at national and international contests for competitive programing, both as an organizer and a participant (depending on what contest). Now i am even teaching computer science and my own students qualified for some of those international contests. My current dream is to excel and become even better in the field of Algorithmics (of course, after i finish my Make-Up Artist degree). 

I remember how eager i was at first when i started acting. It was this one day in my seventh grade when mom came and asked me: „Do you want to start acting?“. I replied fascinated: „Do i look like a girl or what? Acting is only for girls!“. Thanks god mom was smart and forced me into it. 

First year: I got only one show (and it was internal). No problem, i don’t like acting, no one frustrated here. No, no, not a whit. Me nervous? Never…… Ok maybe a little bit. I guess i can keep it up for one more year. 

Second year: Ok, let’s try and work a little more. If i start something, at least let’s do it right. In the end, i don’t like acting, so this is my last year. 

Two shows. Hmmmm , too bad, at least i met interesting people here, hope i will see them again in some years. 

Third year: Wait, what am i doing here? Is this some kind of comedy? Well, not for me! I have to choose a role. Must be something cool. This guy Toffolo….. no wait, he seems so dumb, not for me….. Ok yes yes, i know what you’re thinking, but let’s just assume i might want to try something different.

Toffolo, Premiere: Daniel Posdarascu……. 😐 ………. Seriously, do i look dumb? 

Ok, ok, maybe it was fun. People actually laugh. Never imagined that, first time in three years. I think i will stick with it until i finish high-school. 

Fourth year: If one thing i didn’t like last year at Toffolo, it was the fact that i had to sing (fortunately, it was a comedy show). No singing and dumb people this year…….. #valentine. For certain reasons, i’ll skip this year. 

Fifth year: I got it, no more whims. All hail dumb people and comedy, and that’s me, somewhere in the middle of that. Reminded myself of Galcevile din Chioggia. Enjoyed each happy moment with Alex Madaras, Andrei Nicolae, Andrei Costinescu and all the colleagues which i worked with all this years. It was completly wonderful. But now i am 12 grade, things have to come to an end. My acting career ends here, with Pusculita and the entire TEAM!

Sixth and Seventh year: Sob, sob, i already miss them. Acting now it’s just a memory, a past mistery, dreaming about it became my own vice. But i am too old, too mature, and have too many responsabilities for such a pleasure. I choose a different path, a path of science and money. A path to non-humanity, of misery and adulthood.

Eight year: Oh, hi there. I’m actually back, hope you missed me. Balul Hotilor, is it comedy? Seems so, classic uncool-dumb-idiot role for me then (I start to feel like Forrest Gump). Madaras and Costinescu are still here, no hard feelings then. 

What TVDC gave me? Besides of happiness, creativity, love, self-control, dexterity, maturity through playing and probably many others….. it gave me a new side, or a perspective of who i actually am. People are acting on the scene, but sometimes i thinks that by acting we are actually revealing our true selves, no masks, no obligations, just us. 

Andreea Coscai


 “Currently, I am a tenth-grade student of the National Bilingual College « George Cosbuc » and for the next two years I will be studying at an international high school in China, following the receipt of a scholarship.

I still don’t know what I would like to do in the future or what path to take. So far I have tried to experiment with as many things as possible. What I know is that I want to do something that will give me the possibility to be independent and to allow me to redirect if I feel like it. I want to do something that will help others, I want to do something I like, something I love, and I would like if the theatre would be that thing, but I will see where the future experiments will take me.

I have been part of the Viennese Theatre since 5th grade when I wasn’t aware of the importance it will have for me. I have met a lot of new persons, I have formed a lot of friendships, I have met people and professors who have inspired and helped greatly. I have learned what the theatre actually means, what it implies, how it can help us and those around. There is nothing more beautiful than to know that you have the attention of a public and to be able to send a message, feelings, something with which they can empathize. Even if you like the theatre or not, I wholeheartedly recommend you to go see what it’s all about and how many opportunities it has to offer, how many things it can teach you, how it can change you.”

Vlad-Alex Dulea


I am a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, of the Bucharest Polytechnic University, the class of 2015. Currently, I work as Engineer Estimator at Honeywell International on control and automation software.

As for future plans…. I would like to be promoted and work in Italy or Canada, still as part of Honeywell. And of course, I would like to start a family.

The Viennese Theatre had helped me a lot. Through acting, I was able to get over my fear of speaking in public and my shyness. I learned how to control my emotions, my breathing, my way of talking. Also, let’s not forget the wonderful colleagues and friend whom I admire and respect.

Catalina Francu


I am a student of U.A.U.I.M, Faculty of Architecture.

In the future, I would like to specialize in the field of graphics and I am considering starting a second course in scenography or film directing.

Through acting, I realized that we are all creative, but some are more intimidated than others, and the theatre, the rehearsals, are a safe environment of exercising your imagination, an environment in which mistakes do not really exist. I have learned to stand straight so that afterwards I can change my posture according to my character’s personality, to empty my voice of any intonation so that I can then change it after the voice of my character, I have learned how to breath in order to have a strong, decisive voice and that what is really important now, and it can get lost every now and then, is the work you do with yourself.

Calina Epuran


I am currently a student in the last year of Art of the Actor masters’ programme. I have the main role in the play “My Fair Lady”, at the “Toma Caragiu” Theatre in Ploiesti, directed by Mrs Alice Barb. More so, I am part of the show “Blonda din vecini”, created with the help of the actress Monica Davidescu, at Elisabeta Theatre in Bucharest, and I am preparing another play, at Teatrlli, directed by Florin Zamfirescu, in which I will act alongside Florin Zamfirescu, Gabriel Fatu, Cosmin Vijeu/Lucian Ghimisi. Also, I will soon start the rehearsals for the show “Artificii” at the Comedy Theatre, directed by Elena Morar.

I am also a collaborator of the National Bucharest Opera, as stage director/manager. My plans for the future will take shape as I go. I am doing what I’ve wanted, I act. And I am looking forward to continue to act in more famous productions, with notable actors. This is everything I want from my future, to make a solid career through acting and to be happy.

If I had never come to the TVDC acting courses, I would have still been a cellist. I would have never become an actress. The professor who made me change my mind was Stefan Ruxanda, despite him warning me of the hardships I will have to face in this job. It is not easy to be an actor, though it might seem so. It was a pleasure for me to be able to find myself through this courses, but more importantly to find out that I am in fact an actress! J

Claudiu Lazarica claudiu-lazarica

Currently, I am a professional athlete and Physical Therapy student.

In the future, I wish to take part in the Olympic Games and to work as a physiotherapist.

The Viennese Theatre for Children has been, for me, not only an opportunity to go on stage and show emotions in front of a public or practice my memory. The time period in which I was part of the Viennese Theatre for Children was, without any exaggerations, one of the most beautiful of my life, because I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people, whom I hardly think I would have met otherwise, and also because it was a great way to develop on a personal level. It has helped me be more confident and sociable, it has offered me the opportunity to get to know myself better, by trying out various roles over the time and lastly, it has nurtured in me a desire for the theatre, a desire I had no idea I had, but of which I am very glad I possess.

Andrei Costinescu


I am a second year student at the Technishe Universitat Munchen, in Germany, Faculty of Computer Science.

Nothing is set but I would like to do a master’s degree in Germany and a PhD (not particularly in Germany). Then I would like to do research work in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

My participation in the courses of the Viennese Children’s Theatre was the most beautiful experience of my life, helping me develop on both the physical and psychological level. It is not only the fact that you meet wonderful people that has made me come back to it again and again, but also the fact that through acting you learn typologies and models of the characters you interpret, you learn how to deal with situations presented in the plays through the characters you do and you manage to fully transpose yourself into the world created by the playwright.  You are the one who brings the character to life!

Maria Ologeac


My name is Maria Ologeac, I am 20 years old and I have been a member of the Viennese Children’s Theatre for four years (from 13 to 17 years old).  If, in the beginning, I was the shy, stuttering, and emotive child, who was afraid to speak in public, having to express through acting, the diction lessons, the breathing lessons, as well as the lessons of breaking free from your emotions, and of course the life lessons, received from the professors of the Viennese Children’s Theatre, helped me surpass my insecurities, gain confidence and develop my oratorical skills, which are fundamental in a juridical career.

Therefore, now 20 years old, I am proud to say I am a first year student in the Faculty of Law, part of the University of Bucharest. Being in the first year, I am still unaware which of the juridical careers best represent me, but I know, for sure, that being a jurist, in general, is something that I feel very strongly about.

Acting, amongst many others, has taught me to love people. I still dearly remember the moments in which our professors were telling us how important it is to make our public feel something, to help them forget, even for a brief moment, the stress, the anxiety, and the many responsibilities of the everyday life, making them put a big smile on their faces, relax, be enthusiastic, and feel positive in their souls. Therefore, when I had to make a decision regarding my professional life, I chose, without thinking too much, the juridical career, because I realized that through this job I can offer a great deal more to the people.

What I feel as I step on the stairs of the Faculty of Law, make me understand that I made the right decision, and for that I wholeheartedly thank my professors and colleagues at the Viennese Children’s Theatre.

Thank you!

Anathea Cora Cristea

“I am currently in my first year of Politics and International Relations at London Metropolitan University, in the United Kingdom.

For now, the future is a very distant and untouchable matter. Options are many, but I am waiting to see what clear intentions I will have in my final year of university.

The Viennese Children’s Theatre has been an absolutely wonderful experience to me, especially because it coincided with my crossing of high school. I was, quite forcefully, encouraged to join the Theatre and with every year since then I have reaped the fruits of the extraordinary work (and play) my professors and I have done. Everything within the group is done in synch and this strengthens the bond that is formed between “the disciples” and “the masters”. What I find particularly fascinating and unique about this Theatre is its inclusiveness and efficacy. Not only it allows any child, regardless of his/her passions or talents (whether a computer genius or talented drawer) to partake in the process, but it also ensures that each one fully develops his/her emotional intelligence, creative structure, universal literature knowledge, space awareness, speech and diction capabilities and locomotor system. If I were to put it in less words, I would say the Theatre’s greatest gift to the students is a better understanding of the world.”

Alex Madaraş


1.Currently I am a second year at University of Journalism in Bucharest.

2. I would like to continue with UNATC since i really enjoy acting and i feel that this is what my future is telling me to do. My dream is to become an actor.

3. TVDC opened my eyes from many different perspectives. It helped me evolve as a person and develop my true character. Here, I learned that teamwork is essential.

4. I agree to be part of the alumni team.