Since 2006, Director Sylvia Rotter and the Wiener Kindertheater have been working on an international stage with theatre projects and productions in Romania. 

We have established several links, with branches in Oradea (since 2006), Bucharest (2008) and Kluj (2010). The staff were trained by Sylvia Rotter and work using the Rotter Method, but the theatre schools are autonomous and work independently. The classes, workshops and performance are very popular and always well attended. Our funding is primarily derived from private sponsors, including UNIQA and Banca Comerciala Romana S.A., a subsidiary oft he Erste Bank Group. Cultural Exchange We make the most of our international link, organising exchanges between the children of the our theatres. Several children from Vienna appeared in the Romanian performance of ‘Twelth Night‘ last Autumn and a group of Romanian children are coming across to Vienna for a week this summer. The children’s reactions speak for themselves: Steffy and Sebastian: „We found everything so wonderful that we didn’t want to go back home. The children played and danced with us right from the start and we got on so well that it felt like we’d known each other for years. In one word: wonderful“ Esther: „They were smiling children, and it looked like laughing came easily to them. Their smiles weren’t forced grimaces, they were genuine. At the party in Romania I was particularly struck by the dancing. It wasn’t some kind of silly prancing around, it was a genuine expression of joy“ Find out more at