The Production 2011

The Chiogga Scuffles

by Carlo Goldini
7th to 18th September, 2011

A harmless meeting between the ne’er-do-well Toffolo and Lucietta, who is somebody else’s fiancée, adds further fuel to the malicious gossiping of the wives of the fishermen alone in the small fishing village of Chiogga in the Lagoon of Venice when their husbands are out with their boats.
When the men return home after several weeks at sea, the women have nothing better to do than involve them in their intrigues. Suspicion and innuendo hang heavy in the air, and the men start fighting among themselves. Fisherman Titta Nane, who gets wind of Lucietta’s alleged affair, cuts off the relationship to his fiancée and goes to war with his supposed rival in love.
Toffolo meanwhile sues all who he is in conflict with before the court of law.
Can Judge Isisdoro calm feelings in the village and bring the scuffles to an end? 
Carlo Goldoni, one of the greatest comedy playwrights of all time, shows his characters as they really are and as he knew them from the cafés and squares of Venice. But his aim is not to punish them. He wants to show them where their weaknesses are so they too can laugh at them.

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