The Education Initiative

Because the theatre workshops and courses delivered such significant improvements in the children’s language fluency, creativity and ability to work in a team, the concept has become the focus of various new, scientific projects.

Since 2008, the educational initiative “Schule für das Leben” (“School for Life”)has led to scientific studies with the close involvement of Dr. Brigitte Sindelar from the Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Prof. Dr. Max H. Friederich, Director of the University Clinic for Children and Youth Psychiatry, Vienna and the popular science brain researcher Prof. Manfred Spitzer from Ulm. Given the intense discussions currently being conducted on educational topics, these studies have given new direction and new impulses to the debate. In particular, the recent studies conducted by Prof. Spitzer have demonstrated clearly that play acting and playing music have a direct influence on the development of human intelligence and communicative skills.